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What led you to want to join Ori for your internship?

Studying for a Masters in the Manufacture and Commercialisation of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies, I have learnt about the challenges facing the CGT industry. I am really excited by the work that Ori is doing to address some of these challenges and transform manufacturing, which will enable increased patient access to these life changing therapies. 

What is your role at Ori?

I’m supporting marketing and business development by helping to evaluate new leads, and I’ve been involved in project management and the creation of a new reporting structure. 

What’s the best thing about being on the Ori team?

The passion! It is inspiring to see how dedicated and passionate every member of the team is to make things better for patients. As a company in a fast-growing industry, Ori has a very open-minded approach which makes sure that everyone is able to contribute new ideas and perspective.

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